If you received a message from a member today and when you went to read it today (March 27, 2015) and it was not there, it is because she was removed as a spammer.  We implemented the $9.99 for a lifetime membership awhile ago as a way to eliminate spammers from joining our community and up to this point it worked.  I guess some spammers are getting a bit more desperate.

We have banned her from the site and hope this does not make you lose trust in our wonderful community or The Single Sailor Website.  For those that reported her, we want to thank you for protecting what is ours.


Just a reminder.  If you are ever approached by a member and asked for contact information.  Please do not give that information out.  I know it seems obvious, but some members do.  We have spent allot of time and money implementing a system for messaging that keeps you and your information safe.  Handing out information opens you up.