Hello Sailors,

  We are proud of the comunity that we are all creating here.  We do everything we can to keep spammers out of our small peice of the web here at The Single Sailor.

We have changed the way the sign up process works.  We hope this new change ensures that spammers can no longer contact members and request personal information from them, or try to take advantage of them.  We now no longer approve memberships on a one-on-one basis.  All members that sign up are approved, but given only a very basic membership to the site.  New members are not able to email other members, or post blogs or video untill they pay a very small fee for a Lifetime membership.  This small fee is one thing that a spammer will not do.  I have done allot of research and the one thing that is recomended by everyone is to charge a small fee to access the site and only people that are truley interested will join.

All of our existing members will remain a member and will not be asked to pay anything or upgrade in anyway.  You helped to make The Single Sailor, what it is today.  As a way of saying thank-you.  we are giving everyone a FREE lifetime membership.

As always....  It is still very important that you do not give out your personal informationto anyone asking for it.  Do not give out personal email address or contact information.  Staff at the Single Sailor will never ask you for emails or passwords.  So be safe and enjoy the site