We Are Back Up and Running

Hello All, We are back online. Sorry for the inconvenience all. I was away on holidays and dealing with some other matters when my hosting company made some updates to the server that caused the website to go down. It took awhile to get allo f the issues fixed and back online. Sorry for any issues this caused you and we hope you will continue to enjoy all the things that we have to offer. We are going to be adding some new features soon as well, so stay tuned.

Sorry We Were Down

Ahoy Sailors,   We hit a squall.  Well more like we outgrew our old server and had to move the site.  We had a bunch of issues are are still working ot get a few bugs out, but most things appear to be working again.   We apollagize for the issues, and hope you are still with us.  If you come across something that is not right, please let us know.

There is Pirates Off Our Port Bow...

If you received a message from a member today and when you went to read it today (March 27, 2015) and it was not there, it is because she was removed as a spammer.  We implemented the $9.99 for a lifetime membership awhile ago as a way to eliminate spammers from joining our community and up to this point it worked.  I guess some spammers are getting a bit more desperate. We have banned her from the site and hope this does not make you lose trust in our wonderful community or The Single…

Your World Is About To Change

Ok now that I have your attention.  It is not really that dramatic.  You may experiance some interuption is service over the next couple days.  We are finally ready to launch the next update of the site.  This long awaited release will correct some of the issues that have been reported by our wonderful users as well as adding some new features to improve your time here at the Single Sailor. As always, we really appreciate you taking time away from your sailing life and tellin…

Gmail Users

Hello Sailors,   Gmail has made changes yet again and we are getting complaints from our members that they are not getting the emails from the site.  We assure you they are going out, but you need to ensure that you add to your safe sender list.  Also check your other folders  to ensure that they are coming in to the folder you want them to. We are doing what we can to get notifications to you.  If you do not want to receive them, please ensure you te…

The War On Spammers

Hello Sailors,   We are proud of the comunity that we are all creating here.  We do everything we can to keep spammers out of our small peice of the web here at The Single Sailor. We have changed the way the sign up process works.  We hope this new change ensures that spammers can no longer contact members and request personal information from them, or try to take advantage of them.  We now no longer approve memberships on a one-on-one basis.  All members that sign up ar…

Chat Length Increased

Hello Sailors,   We have made some new updates on the saite today.  You will notice more activity onyour wall once you log in as well as an increase in message length

New Chat For Single Sailor

We are working at adding a great new chat system for the Single Sailor.  You can chat with other users online as well as play some games together.  Go ahead get to know some of your sailors on here.  Say hi, play a game, chat the night away.   We will be adding new features to the chat as well. Like on on one video chat and many more.

Welcome To Your New Single Sailor Home

Ahoy,   Welcome new and old single sailors.  The first steps in the road to a new home for all the Sailors out there is completed.  The move went off without any MAJOR complications.  There is all kinds of new things that still have to be added to your new Sailing home, but I will be implimenting them slowly and taking some time to get the bugs out as I go.  On the list of things still to come.....  Instant Messenger, Video Chat, Private one-on-one video chat, team…

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