Tis the season!!

Boat is in the water and ready to go. I would enjoy meeting someone who also enjoys sailing or is excited about learning. Anyone in the Chesapeake Bay area? Although I enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, theatre and dining, this time of year, I would like to get out on the bay more. I share a 36' S2 boat with my 96 year old dad and am interested in day or extended sailing. I retired in the fall of 2018 and have enjoyed travelling and some time with my grandchildren. This time of year, has me year…

So just joined

Spent some time checking around on all the tabs and paid the 10 dollars basically to have full access. Seems like the few ladies that are on here are being written to by the same few men. Will try my hand at it but from what I seen very few want to liveaboard and travel most are wanting day sails. Most men also seem to be looking for the eye candy! Maybe that is just what I see.Wish all the best

Chesapeake Bay Day Sail

This is about my boat written by my friend Rick.Sunday afternoon I helped my friend Mike move his boat from Rockhold Creek, in Deale to the South River, in Edgewater Maryland. A distance of about 20 nautical miles.Herring Bay to South River - Maryland's Western ShoreMike lives aboard Emerald Seas, his NorSea 27, and we were moving it to a marina closer to where he works. Very nice to have your home movable like that.Sunday was one of the those dry, warm spring days with an impossibly blue s…


Hi .im am a retired builder .I have owned my sailing ketch for about 12 years now doing trips on east coast of Australia.But work just gets in the way of having fun and doing what I want to do so I stopped! Looking for someone to share the dream of sailing and surfing ,I am fit do not smoke drink one or two beers a night .do some training mostly stand up paddle boarding bike riding.I spend roughly 3 months a year surfing in indonesia ,maldives or generally Sri Lanka where I have a small surf sho…

Columbus Day weekend

Sailing the Block Island race this Columbus Day weekend (with my St Bernard as one of my crew ;) )Can't wait!Keep my boat on Narragansett Bay but live in Ipswich - - the best of both worlds!


Leaving the middle east. Looking for a new boat. 35+ prefer a pilot house but hit me up never know. Like all sailors seeking a deal

incoming fall

Fall is always an amazing time of year. Mother Nature starts putting on such an amazing display of colour and all the little critters are bustling around getting their stores together for the cold winter months. Although there is nothing more I love more than the smell of fall leaves on the forest floor, it is sad to say good bye to summer time on the lakes. I always miss the warmth of the sun on my skin, the warm breezes and of course the long summer evenings. But 'tis the way the years ro…

Time To Reflect

I don't know what it is, but this time of year usually makes me look back at the summer and reflect on some of the great sailing adventures that I was on over the summer. This year however, my boat was on the hard all summer. It is hard for a sailor to pull the boat and miss a season of sailing, but the much needed repairs were getting to be to many.It is fun though to chat about sailing with my family. It seems the more we talk about the adventures we are going to be doing once the boat is…

The New Single Sailors Site

Well here it is guys and gals. What do you think? I know I have been talking about it for sometime now and as days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, I thought enough already Kirk. Get it online.Si I launched it. There is LOTS more great things for you sailors to come. The Single Sailor will not just be for people looking to date. It now has a place for Captains to find crew, crew to find boats for trips, mile building, employment or even just weekend sail racing. There is also a place for al…

Nice new look Kirk

Kirk, The new look is great! I have not yet looked around but just wanted to give you the big thumbs up!

My Islander 44

This photo was taken at anchor in San Diego on my way to the Sea of Cortez. Three months were spent in SD visiting my daughter and friends in the area. The next stop would be Cabo for fuel as the winds proved to be almost non-existent.

My Islander 44

This photo was taken at anchor in San Diego on my way to the Sea of Cortez. Three months were spent in SD visiting my daughter and friends in the area. The next stop would be Cabo for fuel as the winds proved to be almost non-existent.

My Cynical side

Well there comes a time when I have to vent. Only so long I can go just taking it and not say anything.In General What I have found on most dating sites is you must have something to offer. The offerings are usually material in nature. Be it a home, certain car, boat...on and on. Also you must NOT have certain flaws. Almost always you see the ladies state NO DRAMA. or NO BAGGAGE. Hate to break it to the ladies, those are facts of life. Yes in some or many cases there is excess of those things. I…

Up at 2am

Well here I am up at 2am. I have had really strange sleep patterns lately. Times like this I feel like texting or calling everyone because if I am awake, everyone should be also! Oh wait have nobody to text or call haha.Going to sleep lately has been difficult as well. I cant shut my brain off. Constantly doing a tug of war Thinking of SV Sojourn and whether I should build her or not. Maybe just save some money and buy a simple one good enough to go cruising. I am not sure why I don't go fo…

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